What is a Victron Smart Battery Protect?

Whether you’re anchored off an island in the Swedish Archipelago, or you’ve driven your campervan into the depths of the New Forest, the last thing you want is to be worrying about draining your batteries and leaving yourself stranded. 

And if no engine, lights, navigation, or Netflix weren’t bad enough, draining your power could also mean draining your bank balance. It’s scarily easy to do permanent damage to your batteries by exhausting them beyond their recommended levels. A common mistake, and an expensive one, especially if you’ve upgraded to lithium or AGM.

But what can you do about it? 


What does a battery protector do?

The Victron Battery Protect prevents your batteries from going flat by disconnecting your batteries before being permanently damaged, and protects your vessels/vehicles electronics from overvoltage situations

At low voltage it will disconnect the power supply to avoid draining them flat. And when the battery’s voltage is high enough again, the battery protect will sense it and automatically reconnect the supply. 

Likewise, in an overvoltage situation which is relatively rare, such as an alternator or battery charger developing a fault, the Battery Protect will detect the voltage level coming into the battery and automatically disconnect at 16.3v or 32.6v (12/24V). Although this doesn’t protect your batteries, it will prevent damage to your vehicle or vessel’s electrical systems.


Why is this useful for me?

Picture this. You’ve been on a long ramble. The weather has turned bleak and you’re looking forward to getting back to the camper or boat, having a hot shower and enjoying a cosy evening before moving on next morning. You arrive back at base, cold and tired, to find that you left your laptop charger plugged in, and the kids left their iPads charging too, draining the power. No heater, no lights, and no engine. 

But wait - your Battery Protect automatically disconnects your batteries before they go flat. Your batteries are saved, your evening’s back on track, and there’s no need to spend the rest of the holiday searching for a garage on a Bank Holiday weekend.


Worried your batteries will be disconnected each time you start your engine? 

Don’t be. The Battery Protect only disconnects the load 90 seconds after the battery voltage drops below the preset level. So when the voltage momentarily drops as the engine turns over, the Battery Protect won’t disconnect your batteries.


How can I set my shut-off and reconnect voltage levels?

There are two types of protector: manual and smart. With the manual protector, you set the shut-off and restart voltages on the device itself. 

The Victron Smart has handy Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to set the voltages through the Victron app.

You choose the cut-off and reconnection voltages, and the Battery Protect automatically senses if you’re using it with a 12v or 24v system.

And once it’s set up - that’s it. Leaving you worry-free to enjoy your adventure.


Extending a Battery Protect

The Battery Protect is a great product to start off with when stepping into or upgrading your electronics. AGM and Lithium batteries are a big investment, so it’s well worth protecting them by installing a Battery Protect at a fraction of the cost of your battery bank.

The Battery Protect needs to be located close to the battery bank, but a remote control can be wired up so you can connect and disconnect the batteries from your switch panel. 

A buzzer or LED light can also be attached to the Battery Protect to give you immediate warning of a low or high voltage.


What size do I need?

Depending on the size of your boat, camper or off-grid abode, you’ll need the right protector for your power requirements. 

At UK Energy Hub we stock four different sizes of the Victron Smart Battery Protect. 

SBP 12/24v - 65amp

SBP 12/24v - 100amp

SBP 12/24v - 220amp

SBP 48v - 65amp

You can check out the full product specs on the official brochures.

Battery Protect 65A/100A/220A

Battery Protect 48V - 100A

And if you’re ready to take on your next wilderness adventure, but want to stay connected, check out our Victron Battery Protect rrange.

For more information contact us at contact@ukenergyhub.co.uk